Our Services

At My Will Expert, we want to make sure that everyone can be properly prepared for later life, and in order to do that we think its important to provide a professional service that offers you great value for money. That's why, unlike many of our competitors, we don't charge extra for many of the "add-ons" that you may require to make sure that your Will or LPA is tailored to your needs, such as document validation and storage. We include these services in the price, so you won't be surprised by additional fees.

However, there is still the option to enhance your Will further if necessary. To ensure that your Will or LPA covers everything you need it to, your Will consultant will match your circumstances to our available extras. We have also included some further details of our services below.


My Will Expert offers Single or Joint Wills. Whichever you choose, your Will will include:

  • Document checking.
  • Document validation.
  • A draft copy sent to you for approval.
  • Severing of tenancy if required for a trust.
  • Guidance on minimising inheritance tax.
  • Printing of the final copy of your Will.
  • Storage of your Will if you choose this.

Other services that you may wish to use to enhance your Will include: Protective Property Trust, Flexible Interest Trust, Discretionary Trust.


When it comes to LPAs, My Will Expert offers both Property & Financial Affairs LPAs and Health & Welfare LPAs. Discounts apply if you are making both types of LPA. Our LPAs include:

  • Document checking.
  • Document validation.
  • A draft copy sent to you for approval.
  • Printed final copy.
  • Storage of your LPA if you choose this. 
  • Registry of your LPA with the Office of the Public Guardian on your behalf if wish - we will only charge the fee imposed by the office for this service (£82 per LPA).

To discuss our services in more detail or to enquire about any further requirements that you may have, please get in touch and speak with one of our professional Will consultants, who would be happy to assist you.