Preparing for your instruction appointment

Your instruction appointment will last approximately 90 minutes and is designed to give you an opportunity to tell us exactly what you need from your Will or Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).

Your Will consultant will use this time to ask questions to help them gather all the information required to create a document that is tailored to your unique circumstances. Whilst this discussion may be important, your consultant will do their best to make sure you feel at ease and will answer any questions that you may have as you go, so that you can feel confident that you are making sound, informed decisions.

To help us collect all the relevant details, we will ask you to prepare a few things before the appointment. Below is a guide highlighting some of the key details needed.

For Wills

A list of assets and liabilities – this could include any property, savings & investments, pensions, businesses, etc. Your liabilities could include debts or mortgages. Please specify if these are in joint or sole names.

Executor details – please include full names and addresses of whomever you wish to be your executor(s).

Beneficiary details – please include full names and addresses of anyone that you wish to benefit from your Will.

Gifts and donations – please think about any specific items that you may wish to leave to your loved ones, or any charities that you may wish to leave a donation to. This could include a one off cash payment, jewellery, art, collectables, or heirlooms. You can also use your Will to leave personal messages.

Funeral wishes – if you have any preferences regarding your funeral, including whether you wish to be buried or cremated or if you have a pre-paid funeral plan, you can include these details in your Will.

Guardians – if you have children, please give their names and dates of birth, and think about who you would like to name as guardian if you were to pass away before they reach adulthood. Please include full names and addresses.

For LPAs

Attorney details – please include full names and addresses of whomever you wish to appoint as attorney(s).