Lasting Powers of Attorney

At My Will Expert, we don't only write Wills - we want to ensure that you have everything you need for a comfortable and stress-free life, knowing that you've already prepared for the future. 

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) protects you and your loved ones if you ever lose the capacity to look after your affairs, giving someone you trust powers to act on your behalf. This can ensure that you are properly looked after if you require ongoing medical care, and makes sure that your finances are managed in your absence.

Creating an LPA

What is an LPA?

An LPA is a legal document that provides details of a person (or people) who you have chosen to act as 'attorney' and manage your personal affairs if you are unable. The powers that they have are subject to the type of LPA you choose and the authority you give them. 

Struggling to manage affairs

Why do I need an LPA?

An LPA can drastically improve quality of life for you and your family if you lose the ability to handle your affairs. With no LPA in place, anyone wanting to make even some of the simplest decisions on your behalf, such as paying your bills, must apply for a Deputyship Order.

Managing your property

Property & Financial Affairs LPA

A Property & Financial Affairs LPA protects your assets if you are unable to manage your affairs yourself due to incapacity. You can choose an attorney to look after various aspects of your finances for you and set boundaries regarding how much control they can take. 

Medical consultation

Health & Welfare LPA

A Health & Welfare LPA gives you control over the care you would receive should you be unable to make decisions for yourself, by letting you choose an attorney to make decisions regarding your health and welfare on your behalf. 

Lacking capacity

Losing mental capacity

Whilst it is not something we like to think would ever happen to us, being prepared could save you and your family a lot of distress and thousands of pounds if you lose mental capacity later in life.

Attorney making decisions

Choosing your attorneys

Your attorney is the person or people that you choose to manage your affairs should you lose the capacity to do this for yourself. Given this is an important responsibility, it is important to think carefully about who you would like to fulfil this role.