Health & Welfare LPA

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) that aim to assist you with different aspects of your life should you become incapacitated. One is designed to allow someone to make decisions regarding your health and welfare, whilst the other gives someone authority to manage your assets in order to protect your financial wellbeing. Read on to find out more about a Health & Welfare LPA.

Health & Welfare LPA

A Health & Welfare LPA gives you control over the care you would receive should you be unable to make decisions for yourself, by letting you choose an attorney to make decisions regarding your health and welfare on your behalf. With an LPA, not only can you select someone you know and trust to make these decisions for you, but you can also use your LPA to offer guidance on the type and level of care that you would like to receive, helping them to make the choices that you would have if you were able.

An attorney may need to make decisions on behalf of the donor which relate to:

  • Daily routine
  • Medical care, including refusing or consenting to treatment
  • Living arrangements

An attorney named under a Health and Welfare LPA may need to work closely with the person in charge of your finances to allow them to purchase items to maintain or improve your quality of life. This could be things like haircuts or paying for additional care support to allow you to enjoy leisure activities.

Making good care decisions